So… Assuming you’re over “How the hell did I get here?” and “Why should I keep reading this?” part I hasten to explain. You’re here to experience something different than usual. Something more. Something you can feel to be a part of. You’ve just found your haven of creativity!

Everybody has those great stories just bouncing around our heads, just not everyone has time or skills to write them down. So… Long story short, I intend to be the hand of your imagination. Here’s an idea! You tell me what YOU want to happen to OUR main character.

Each two weeks on this blog a survey will be released. It will contain top seven of your proposed adventures that can happen to our heroine in the coming episode. Then you will have a week to choose one of them and make someone scream “It’s mine!”. Who knows… maybe next week it will be you? So get to work. Think. Create. Write your proposal under the latest story… and remember to vote and comment every time!


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