Don’t we all hate Mondays?

6 o’clock in the morning welcomed me with a neighborhood quarrel and headsplitting hangover which made me regret that I was alive. The bright light of a rising sun crashed into my apartment making sure I wouldn’t forget to wake up.

It was Monday, again. Worst day of all bloody week. After two days of peacefulness I was doomed to see Ed once more….

“Time to get your ass out there” I thought grumpily.

Work. In my dimension it was place I surely could have called hell. My boss – Eddie or pain-in-the-ass as all coworkers used to call him when he wasn’t around, was the biggest prick I’ve ever met. He was one of those people you saw for the first time in your life and you knew you hated them. And that is even before they opened their mouth… If I had to name three things that I hated about him I would have asked why not five or seven.

Firstly, he was a total prick. Just a malicious, arrogant asshole.

Secondly? He treated the regulations as if it were the Bible.

“3 inches too far to the left!” His voice resounded in my head as if the guy was standing right behind me.

Yeah. Cause we were all just THAT important. And what we were doing was THAT important. Like worldwide known neurosurgeons or something…

“Wake up, Ed!” I wanted to shout every time he used similar phrases. “You’re the manager of a bookstore, not the neurosurgery unit!”

However, it was his last drawback we all liked the most. We never had enough punching out of it. Eddie had this terrible habit of chewing licorice. Usually we knew he was coming, not because we’ve heard his voice. No. The first thing that betrayed Eddie’s arrival was this loud chomping noise.

Well… The truth was I just couldn’t afford to lose this job. No matter how much I hated it or wanted to kill my boss, it was my last anchor of normality. That was something I have lost with my mortal life years ago, but still wasn’t ready to admit it.

But boy, you people have no idea how hard it is to be the only gorgon in New York City.


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