How the story goes…

The most beneficial thing about becoming a Gorgon was the fact that from not-worth-eyeing-up girl in just one night I became the most wanted on males “People I want to shag” list. Thus, after 5 years, sometimes it got annoying, usually I wasn’t complaining about the fact that there were no more lonely nights for me…

5 years. How strange. Sure as hell it doesn’t feel like it.

Have you ever wondered what the word Gorgon actually means? I bet not. So here it comes. In Greek mythology a Gorgon is necessarily a female creature. I can say from experience that it is a lie. I personally know or heard about at least a dozen of male Gorgons. Those boys are real women’s heart breakers. But back to topic.

Quoting directly from the Wikipedia definition: The name derives from the ancient Greek word gorgós, which means “dreadful”, and appears to come from the same root as the Sanskrit word “garğ” which is defined as a guttural sound, similar to the growling of a beast.” In this place I’d like to assure you I’m neither dreadful nor barking. It is true that when I get my PMS, I’m turning into a real monster, but honestly, what woman doesn’t?

Next juicy secret? Snakes coming out of my head part. Well, I wish… That would be a totally bad ass trick, but so far – nope. After all these years I’m pretty sure that if they were there I would have already noticed. So… no snakes, just a hell lot of dun hair.

Turning people into stone? That is actually true.

For five years I have spent in my new form, I abused this power only once. By accident. On the first day after the transformation, when still did not realize what had happened, I had a fight with a saleswoman. And when I did not get the discount I was supposed to get, I looked into her eyes and wished all the worst… I’ll never forget the feeling that came after. As if her pupils dragged me within. A feeling of coolness and inertia flooded me for so long that finally I tugged terrified in the opposite direction. The chill was replaced by a nice pulsation. As if her life vibrantly writhed around me like a thin thread. It wrapped me and seeped into my veins. And when it had finally finished, I felt quite disappointed that this was the end. Somewhere from far away slowly it occured to me that in front of me stood a stone woman…
That was the day I met all the gorgon iron rule. “Never look in anger, unless you want to kill.”

Probably you are just wondering “How the hell could she not know that she was a gorgon?”.
Well, I hasten to explain… There are two ways of becoming what I am. Normal – every gorgon way and the way that will make you a well-known freak in all the undead world – my way.

You see, normally you have to make a pact, sell your soul, obvious stuff. At the end you’re a completely soul-free, ready to party, hell-bound individual. The only downside is that you are dependent on the orders of the Red Dimension.

In my version, everything is a bit blurred, but more or less it goes like that.

Your 26th birthday party is over. You’re drunk and lost. Veeery drunk and veeery lost actually. And also you have not slept for two days and you’re totally hangovered, so you decide it’s time to finally go home.

Fluffy, rabbit ears are hanging crooked on your head, you can’t remember where they came from and the only thing you actually know is that you are sick. Like mile ahead puking sick. So you are going to the darkest alley that you are able to find, then stagger behind the nearest trash can and before you can puke all over your latest sandals from Jimmy Choo, you notice a strange guy with glowing eyes. Then everything happens rather quickly. Your brain notes that the shiny dude keeps the other guy, whose legs are made of stone just as if he had been the Thing of the Fantastic Four. Quite irrationally you whisper ‘Aaaawesome’ instead of running away like hell and you just stand there. This gives the lightning bug time to slowly lower half petrified guy, approach you and try to pull off the same trick on you, but something goes wrong.


Everything turns white. The bloke in front of you turns into a pile of ash or perhaps better to say a pile of rocks and you lose consciousness. The next day you wake up upchucked, in a side street and wondering if you’re dead.

Well… You’re not. You terribly stink and you have just become the biggest freak in the whole undead world – a gorgon with a soul.

Even better? It took the Red Dimension exactly three days to catch, seize, and trick me into believing that I was their latest toy.


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